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Railway systems, Automotive, FMEA Moderation, Project Management, Quality Management

Since 2006 I am available for my customers with my experience as Advisor and Manager.

Here is the list of my projects, below you will find the links for downloading the documents:

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Train Manager in Validation Team for the Project „Inter City Next
- Preparation of test execution with the Test Manager
- Check of the train concerning the ability to finish the tests
- Execution of the tests on board of the train
- Formal transmission of the status to the central control room of the Test Center
- Creation of failure reports
- Operative coordination of all actors on board
- Securance of safety of all persons on board the train being involved in tests
- Administration of valid prevention plan
- Assurance of correct administration of the configuration of the test train set
09/2019 to 03/2020
Alstom, Salzgitter, working location Velim, Czech Republik
Consultant HVAC Systems 
Validation of defined requirements of customer ALSTOM of the HVAC-Systems for Rolling Stock Railway Vehicles with technical aspects of Valeo’s HVAC-Systems used in busses.
- Analysis
- Requirements comparison
- Measure catalog
- Rough planning (Structureplanning, Ressource planning, Cost plan-ning, Time 
  scheduling, Risik management)
- Documentation
07/2019 to 08/2019
Valeo, Garching
Administrator at Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik (HBM) in Darmstadt
- Preparation of moving Share File Server
- Editing of .bat- and .ini- files on all concerned computers
- Corrections of access rights
- Processing and Test of modifications locally on all concerned computers
- Reporting
05/2019 to 06/2019
Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik (HBM), Darmstadt
Consultant Training for personnel of Diesel locomotives
- Generation of an analysis of the training program catalogue
- Generation of an analysis of the technical documents in relation to circuit
  diagrams, hydraulic schemes, compressed air schemes, work instructions
  for maintenance, locomotive driver manual, bill of materials,
  spare parts catalogue
- Generation of an analysis concerning requirements of the guide lines
- Generation of the guide line „Train driver“ on the base of the earlier
  generated analyses
- Generation of the guide line „Service staff“ on the base of the earlier
  generated analyses
- Generation of a technical documentation
01/2019 to 03/2019
Vossloh, Kiel
Consultant Commissioning at Stadler in Velten
- Commissioning of electric trains within the Project Subway Berlin type IK18
- Check and clearance of functional technical failures
- Generation of test procedures and test instructions
- Check of existing test instruction concerning plausibility
- Consulting with adjacent departments
- Generation of type test instructions
- Execution of functional type tests on board of the trains
11/2018 to 12/2018
Stadler, Velten
Consultant Supplier Software Quality Assurance Coradia Trains
- Grab of software documentation on subsystem level, device software, and 
  service software from ALSTOM s storages as maintained by Subsystem 
- Inspections of software documentation and evaluation of fulfillment of    
  requirements based on checklists. Their subsystem specific instances are 
  derived from their already prepared templates.
- Inspection of the consistency between software deliveries and the joint 
  software documentation.
- Preparation of software quality assurance reports on subsystem level.
04/2018 to 09/2018
Alstom, Salzgitter
Consultant Electrical Installation Coradia Trains
- Check of assembly locations of electrical equipment
- Check of cable routing and electrical circuits
- Check of cabling bill of materials
- Identification of electrical equipment and assembly material. Integration of 
  new material into the data base
- Generation of electrical documentation and circuit principle drawings in Visio
10/2017 to 03/2018
Alstom, Salzgitter
Senior Consultant - Improvement of supplier Quality
- Introduction of a working Complaint Management
- Work out of an effective control system for 8D-Reports of the supplier
- Development of effective Process-Optimisations to assure retraction of failures 
  in the manufactured products made by supplier and for judgement of the 
  supplier’s 8D-Reports
- Optimisation of the operational complaint process (8D)
- Optimisation of the internal root cause examination process
05/2017 to 08/2017
Deutz AG, Köln
Manufacturing Manager, Consultant-Project
Manufacturing Planning and Steering ICE - Revision
- Damage Analysis of incoming trains
- Fine planning of the manufacturing process
- Steering of the manufacturing process
- Logistic management of the manufacturing process
12/2016 to 04/2017
Deutsche Bahn AG, Nürnberg
FMEA-Moderator, Consultant-Project
Moderation of Process - FMEAs Contact lens manufacturing 
- Revision of existing FMEA of manufacturing process.
- Moderation of the FMEA with module resposible persons.
- Actualisation of the modules, maintenance of process changes.
09/2016 to 12/2016
Alcon, Grosswallstadt
Technical Project Manager HUD, Consultant-Projekt
- Delivery of a functional and validated technical system.
- System Engineering Rolls (Requirements Engineering, Product Architecture, 
- Technical part of the project schedule: Synchronising schedules of disciplines 
  (Hardware, Software, Mechanic, CoC Display and Testing) to reach the next 
  project phase.
- Collection and reporting of results of work from involved technical disciplines
- With the project manager: Reporting of the project progress in internal 
- Clearing of technical questions and problems face to face with the customer
- Generation of the Engineering-Release-Checklist on Systemlevel (Tracking of 
  SD Documents)
- Overview of the status of checklists from departments HW, SW,ME, 
  CoC Display) also reported for release by the Technical Responsible
- Generation and coordination of FMEAs
- Technical part of the Risk-Management. Activities in the project
04/2016 to 09/2016
Continental, Babenhausen
Problem Manager, Consultant-Project
- Take over of Problem Reports from customer VW, Registering in database 
  Clear Quest
- Delegation into the involved departments for analysis
- Collection of results, input in database Clear Quest
- Report to the customer, Answering of customer’s questions
- Closure in database Clear Quest
06/2015 to 03/2016
Bosch Automotive Steering Systems, Schwäbisch Gmünd

Analyst for several product returns of prototypes  
- Planning, execution und analysis of prototype returns
- Creation of a concept for organization and execution of returns analysis of   
 customer tested prototype parts
- Quality management
- Coordination and assembly of the investigation results from central offices like
 material sciences, chemical laboratory, micro-inspection room a.s.o. after
 clearance with the product responsible engineers
- Creation of the final reports
- Report of the results, that the feed back of the test results will flow into the
 development processes systematically

07/2014 to 12/2014

Schaeffler Group, Herzogenaurach

Developer Consols and Armrests
Developper for Consols and Armrests of cars
- Adaption of carry over parts for Bentley
- Processing of customer changes
- Tracking of changes and controlling of their deadlines
- Analysis of FEA calculations and customer requirements
- Coordination with customer’s engineering and internal Departments
- Analysis and Termination of Process problems

07/2013 to 06/2014

Grammer Automotive, Amberg

Developer Customer Team Volvo
Projectmanager for the Seat Systems of cars
- Change management of parts and components of seat systems
- Processing of customer changes
- Tracking of changes and controlling of their deadlines
- Analysis of damages, definition of remidal actions
- Coordinator customer team – Prototype Workshop

05/2012 to 04/2013

Brose Fahrzeugteile, Coburg

Projectmanager for Train Components
Consultant for homologation of train components
- Check of specifications according fulfilled requirements from the requirement 

- Redundant and contradictory requirements, specially according RAMS/LCC, 

- further verifications
- Completeness of specified documentation
- Assurance of involvement of all departments into the process of examination
- Assurance of synchronisation of all deadlines from the supplier contracts with 

  the project schedule
- Demonstration of change requirements within the specifications
- Assurance that all requirements and deadlines are communicated with the 

  purchasing department and confirmation of them
- Survey of the deadlines for delivery of by the purchasing department ordered 

  sets of documents
- Order of all documents which are required for first article inspection internally 

  and externally
- Organisation of first article inspection at the supplier. Definition of date, location 

  and coordination of first article inspection in cooperation with the supplier, 

  invitation for first article inspection.
- Assurance that all requirements for execution of first article inspection (FAI) are 

- Filing of the documents according work orders for execution of 
  FAI in the SAP 


12/2011 to 05/2012

Siemens AG at
Erlangen and Krefeld

Consultant for homologation of trains at Siemens AG
- Realisation of the homologation of Multiple Units with Europeen Authorities
- Documentation of homologation activities
- Coordination of departments according verification and handling of authoritie’s 

- Support of sales proposals under the aspect of requirements
- Participation at international boards for adjustment of certification requirements

03/2011 to 11/2011

Siemens AG, Erlangen

Consultant for development of solutions for systems on locomotives
- Investigation for root causes of defects in battery charger units of high speed 

- Development of a solution for transmission of energy consumption data using a 

  customer favoured modem
- Assistance for analysis for functional safety according
  EN 50126, 50128, 50129

07/2010 to 02/2011

Bombardier Transportation, Zurich and Mannheim

Data Manager
Data management of Product data base „Model description sales
r Automobile
- Setup of models
, Variants of all models
- Change
- Object numbers
and optional equipment and their maintenance
- Failure analysis
, Consistency checks
- Model maintenance
at change of model years

11/2009 to 06/2010

Audi AG, Ingolstadt

I created FMEA-Structures from design documents, contract specifications and target specifications and moderate D- und P-FMEA’s at the company Mann & Hummel in Bad Harzburg, a supplier of the automotive industry. Those FMEA’s were evaluated and Action – Lists generated as well as the planning of following moderations.

06/2008 to 05/2009

Mann & Hummel,
Bad Harzburg

Leader Manufacturing Support & Quality Manual (Interim manager)
I was responsible for the Quality Management in the line production of mobile cranes and reported to the Quality Director of the Wilhelmshaven site. Parallel to  other tasks I reengineered processes as pre-condition for the LEAN Production, and readjusted the Quality management manual. The integration of the Quality management manual into the EMEA business region of the enterprise (Standardisation Europe) and the responsibility for that was in the hands of my team and me.
I steered with my team the prototype audits, internal audits and pushed external audits in cooperation with the SQA team. We defined actions out of the weekly 8D-Report-Meetings, using the top failure lists. The continuous audit planning to keep the ISO 9001 – Certification even belonged to my spectrum of tasks. I planned the holydays and capacities of my team and also I had to judge the tasks and payments as well as the output of the team members as a base for the payment. Even training of the staff in accident prevention / occupational health and safety, recruiting new crew members and training of the staff was in my scope of work. The creation of a continuous improvement process within LEAN Management with the corresponding operating figures systems was another essential target.

12/2007 to 06/2008

Manitowoc Crane Group -  Grove,

Projectmanager Automatic Train Control Onboard
I lead a project for integration of Automatic Train Control Onboard, in this case a Multi-System Locomotive for corridor operations between  Germany / Belgium / France, and a variant for Germany / Austria / Sweden / Norway.
I build the project team recruiting staff from the line organization into a matrix function, structured the project, managed the risks and started the developments in the engineering department. Another task was to order long running devices as well as the budget controlling. Shortly after the start of this job I received a much more lucrative job offer with staff responsibility, which I took.

10/2007 to 12/2007

Bombardier Transportation, Braunschweig

Project FMEA-Moderation and -Setup in a Automobile Development Project
- Setup of Interface – FMEAs according VDA-vehicle and moderated
- Setup of
System – FMEAs according VDA and TS16949 based on specifications and technical documentations

03/2007 to 04/2007

Fulda and Ruesselsheim

Project „Introduction of FMEA into bogie design"
- Setup of FMEA structure according technical drawings and bills of materials
- Building of
Variants for different classes

07/2006 to 11/2006

Alstom-LHB, Salzgitter

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